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VIOLANTA and Raben INTERTRANS: Combining Top Quality with Reliable Transport


Raben INTERTRANS, member of Raben Group, a leading provider of international transport and logistics, has been working with VIOLANTA S.A. for over 5 years, ensuring the smooth and reliable export of its high-quality products to European destinations.

Starting from a small bakery in Trikala, VIOLANTA transformed its love for confectionery into a thriving business, bringing to the forefront high-quality, original, and traditional biscuits and cookies. Based on recipes passed down through generations, VIOLANTA's creations write their own story in the world of flavors, earning the reputation of a high-quality and inventive producer. Today, VIOLANTA boasts a wide variety of over 200 products, catering to different needs and preferences. In addition to production, the company emphasizes exceptional customer service and the implementation of sustainable practices, ensuring that every biscuit bearing its name carries with it the love and dedication to the art of confectionery.

Giannis Bakatsis, Exports Manager of VIOLANTA, shares his experience collaborating with Raben INTERTRANS, highlighting the key benefits that arise from this partnership:

"We have distinguished Raben INTERTRANS for many reasons, the most important of which are the reliability and safety of cargo deliveries, the flexibility to meet our needs even in emergency situations, and the excellent communication we have with the Raben INTERTRANS team."


"Our collaboration with Raben INTERTRANS focuses primarily on our export segment and involves the transportation of dry cargo, specifically biscuits and cereals, to European countries, with the Netherlands being the main market," added Mr. Bakatsis.

Raben INTERTRANS, with its expertise, reliability, and flexibility, has been able to flawlessly meet the needs of VIOLANTA for all these years, offering comprehensive logistics solutions that ensure the timely and safe delivery of its products to Europe.

"Raben INTERTRANS is committed to offering its customers high-quality logistics solutions tailored to their individual needs," emphasizes Georgios Seiras, Sales Team Leader, Raben INTERTRANS, adding, "We are proud to partner with VIOLANTA and help the company achieve its business goals."

VIOLANTA, in turn, recognizes the benefits that stem from its collaboration with Raben INTERTRANS:

"The wide range of services and specialized resources that Raben INTERTRANS offers, which can be adapted to the transport needs and requirements of our business, has ensured the reliability and security of our shipments. In this way, we are safeguarded from the potential risk of delays and damage to shipments, providing peace of mind and confidence to both our business and our customers who then enjoy excellent service with accuracy and consistency in the delivery of their orders," states Giannis Bakatsis, Exports Manager, VIOLANTA.

Raben INTERTRANS's dedication to sustainability perfectly aligns with VIOLANTA's values, contributing to the company's reduced environmental footprint and the creation of a sustainable supply chain.

"Since Raben INTERTRANS has integrated a sustainability strategy into its operations and utilizes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly methods and technologies compared to other companies that solely rely on conventional resources, we believe they can contribute to achieving a sustainable supply chain for our business and represent a key factor in our collaboration. Moreover, initiatives like this demonstrate that our company takes environmental protection and the overall effort to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations seriously, thus highlighting corporate social responsibility as an integral part of our priorities," remarked Mr. Bakatsis.


"Raben INTERTRANS shares VIOLANTA's commitment to quality and sustainability," adds Georgios Seiras. "We use environmentally friendly practices and technologies to reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to a sustainable future."

Going beyond market reach, Raben INTERTRANS provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to VIOLANTA's unique needs and those of its broader customer base:

  • Leveraging new technologies like cargo tracking, e-POD, EDI, CRM, and fleet management to ensure seamless information flow, keeping VIOLANTA updated at every stage of the transportation process.
  • Maintaining high safety standards to safeguard the integrity and security of VIOLANTA's products throughout the entire transportation journey.
  • Offering Track & Trace services, enabling real-time shipment tracking, providing complete control and peace of mind.
  • Empowering Raben INTERTRANS customers with the myRaben platform, allowing them to manage shipments, receive updates, and communicate directly with company representatives.

With its expertise, experience, and extensive network, Raben INTERTRANS has proven to be a reliable partner for VIOLANTA, facilitating the smooth, timely, and secure transportation of its products across Europe. The two companies stand as a shining example of the power of strategic collaboration.


Panagiotis Ntalagiannis

Marketing and Communication Specialist